Free shuttle transfer to the airport cologne

With the shuttle service, your family can already go to the airport check-in because you will be back in a few minutes. Just drive your car in our parking station, lock it and we drive you with the shuttle service Cologne Airport. This can be reached in a few steps and it also runs every few minutes. You therefore do not need to allow for longer periods of time. You can still decide whether to hand in your key and have it locked securely or to keep it with you. Many providers ask for the key because you may have to change your parking space while you are away. If you don’t want that, just commit yourself to a provider who gives you the choice. The Cologne Airport Shuttle Service takes you directly to your departure terminal and the same applies to the return journey. If you prefer not to use the Cologne Airport shuttle service, you can still choose the valet parking airport cologne. There is no need to drive to the parking station because our employee takes care of that. All you have to do is call the service number when your arrive the terminal and hand the car over to our trustworthy hands at the terminal.